Just Wank it Now Nice and Slow

wankitnow.wordpress.com 08 Just Wank it Now Nice and Slow

Here’s your chance to really prove it to me that you’re more than just a loser with a hard on. I want you to wank it now for me but only using the jerkoff instruction I give you! I can’t trust in you that you’ll get the job done right if I leave it all to you. That’s why you NEED my jerkoff encouragement. I know all the right things to say to your stupid ass to get you nice and horny. Mmm just wrap your hand around your dick and at a nice slow pace just start stroking yourself. Imagine what it would be like if that was my hand on you. I don’t want you to speed up, just keep at that pace. Up and down. Grab at your balls a bit. The jerk off encouragement I give isn’t about making this a race to cum; it’s just a nice time where you can wank it now and me keeping you on a short leash.

Wank it Now With Bratty Schoolgirl

wankitnow.wordpress.com 07 697x1024 Wank it Now With Bratty Schoolgirl

School girls these days are so bossy! I guess the spoiled brat attitude is just something typical. It’s great though because they know just how to exploit and humiliate dumb men. Even with something like jerkoff encouragement they turn it into an amazing display of humiliation. As they make you take your willy out and wank it now, they could be all sweet and telling you how much they want you to cum, but no. Instead, they proceed to give you jerkoff instruction as if you’ve never touched your own cock before. Teen girls always think they know best and when it comes to morons that let them push ‘em around, they just might be right! Oh I’m sure all these horny losers love that too; doesn’t matter what kind of jerk encouragement they’re getting as long as some hottie in a school uniform is the one shouting at them to wank it off!

Hearing Her Say Wank it Now!

wankitnow.wordpress.com 05 682x1024 Hearing Her Say Wank it Now!

Girlfriends can be so hopeful when it comes to jerkoff instruction. You have no idea how many girls get turned on by watching their man wank it now. When they can take complete control and tell their man what to do, it makes their lil pink honey pots start overflowing! Women just love to be in charge and when they can give masturbation instruction and show you what makes them cum, they can be the happiest women in the world. Even the girl that’s shy and usually quiet in the bedroom, if you ask, she’ll be more than willing to open up. She’ll become a tiger as you wank it now for her! Oh and I’m sure it’ll be quite the treat for you asĀ  your girlie is giving you jerk encouragement like you’ve never heard before!

Wank it Now Double Trouble

wankitnow.wordpress.com 04 Wank it Now Double Trouble

Uh oh! It’s time for a little masturbation instruction double trouble! It can be hard enough following the orders of one woman, but what happens when you have two sexy stocking clad ladies shouting wank it now directions at you?! Just be sure that you’re able to make it last for more than 5 minutes. No woman wants some two-pump chump even when it comes to just jerking it. The more these women order you around with their jerk off encouragement, the harder your dick will become! It’ll also be a bit of a challenge to see if you can really endure the humiliation from them. They will have no mercy on you either. From the very get-go of telling you to wank it now, you’re going to be on quite the ride of jerk encouragement. You better have plenty of lube around!

Nothing Left to Chance When You Wank it Now

wankitnow.wordpress.com 03 682x1024 Nothing Left to Chance When You Wank it Now

It’s always the babes with the sweet smiles that turn out to be the real bitches who insist on you having jerkoff instruction. Aw, honestly, it’s not because they’re being mean – it’s because you’re a fucking loser that needs the help. These ladies are having you wank it now to their instruction purely as a means to help you out in your retarded sexual life. Look at this blonde! Do you actually think a smoking blonde like this would just take her clothes off for you if she wasn’t giving you some kind of masturbation instruction? Women like this want to be pleased and aren’t going to leave anything up to chance. That’s why when you get the HONOR of being told to wank it now, you better feel some goddamn appreciation for every word spoken of her jerk off encouragement.



Wank it Now To Make Her Cum

wankitnow.wordpress.com 02 Wank it Now To Make Her Cum

Right after work she loves to slip out of her skirt and blouse and get off. Lately, the only way this cute brunette can get off is when she’s telling chumps like you how to wank it now. She likes being the bitch with all the answers and complete jerkoff instruction. You know you want to get a taste of the clam too and the best way to go about it is doing everything she tells you! Don’t hesitate when you tells you to drop your pants and start jerking to her playing with her pussy. The harder you try to follow her masturbation instruction the hotter it makes her! If you do a good job while you wank it now, she might even let you get off. She’ll give you enough jerkoff encouragement to you get to the point where you can’t help but bust a nut on that sweet stocking covered cunt of hers!

Wank it Now For Mature Babe

wankitnow.wordpress.com 01 1024x574 Wank it Now For Mature Babe

For some of us what really helps with jerk off encouragement is when it comes from a more mature woman. There’s something about the age difference that gives sort of a matronly feel to her. It’s a woman like that, that needs to be helping you get off. When she tells you to wank it now it is definitely an order! That motherly figure is here to help you with as much jerk encouragement as you need. She doesn’t want to see a good boy like you fail – not for you and especially not for her. With all her years of experience she knows EXACTLY how to have you wank it now in order to have the more amazing orgasm! You know you can’t say no to her! Now drop those trousers, grab your cock, and follow every word in her jerkoff encouragement!